For most visiting this site it will be the first time that they will be hiring a professional photographer. Here we will answer many questions you may well have.

The first basic rules of hiring a professional photographer are. You must like their work or you will never like your images. There must be a repour between you and your photographer this will go a long way to get the images you want. Last basic rule is they must be within your budget.


You will have seen prices from free to £3000.00 (and more) for a wedding photographer How can there be such a massive difference? It will depend on the package you are buying into. It will also depend on the photographers experience, and what equipment he/she uses. So does price mean the higher price mean we will be getting a better photographer? Well no, sadly price is no guide to the quality of the photographers work. It is how you see the photographers work and is it what you want? Experience tells us that quality photography starts around £700.00 if you shop around. £700.00 for some wedding photos that is a lot! Or is it?

Running a photography business is like any other business. time, pre wedding meeting and shoot is three hours work. Shooting your big day 20 hours split between our two photographers. 20 hours post production. That is 43 hours to produce your wedding images. Then there is the £20,000.00 of equipment we will bring to your wedding. Cameras, Lenses, Flash guns, indoor studio equipment in case it rains all day (God forbid). Then there is computers, software, insurance, petrol, training, advertising, wages and lets not forget the Governments tax. So we doubt very much that you can hire a full time wedding photographer for less than £700.00 for a digital package only, a album will be extra.

But I have a family friend or relative (know as uncle Bob’s in the photographic industry) with a good camera and they will do it for free! Sure they will. But it takes a lot more than just a good camera. It takes a good eye to create great images. It also takes a great deal of experience that can only be gained with years of experience. A in depth knowledge of both the camera they are using, and of photography. I really have lost count the times I have seen a good camera at a wedding and it is set to auto.

Because the user does not know how to use the camera properly. It is one thing to be able to grab a few shots in the garden of the kids. Or a nice portrait of friend. But to shoot over 2000 raw file images that will need to be processed is something else. That will be done in ever changing lighting and weather conditions, that takes experience. At times it will also have to be done at a fast pace. With no second chances. Does uncle Bob have back up camera’s, lenses, flash guns? Does he even have one professional lens? Not the cheap kit lens that came with the camera. Professional photographers do not spend £1000.00-£2000.00 per lens for no reason!

What is post production?

Post production is done as we shoot raw files. Raw file means we do not let the camera process the image. When a camera does this it throws a lot of the information stored in the file away. Shooting in raw format stops this. So when we process the images we have all the information in the file to use. This is very important in giving you the best images possible. This is where we do colour corrections. Carry out lighting or darkening images. Air brushing should it be required. Select the best images from your wedding to tell the story of your day. The image selection and processing of those images, will take a lot longer than the actual shooting of your wedding.

Does it matter if our photographer is qualified?

Well, Yes and no! The yes means that the photographer you are hiring. Is working to standards set out by one of the governing bodies within the photographic industry. Chances are that they will also be affiliated to that body. For example Peter, is both qualified in wedding and portraiture. Veronika, is a qualified wedding photographer. The no answer is there are some very talented photographers out there with no qualifications at all. There are also some very bad one’s too. You pay you money and take your chance with a unqualified photographer.

Is a contract between us and the photographer important?

Yes very much so. It will be in place to protect you. Most contracts are drawn up by the photographer. If you find something that has been put in place that you do not like ask him to remove it. All honest Photographers draw up a contract to give you peace of mind. That all will be well on your big day. As we do.

You give 400 images from a wedding some photographers give 1000 why?

We give you 400-500 images that are fully processed to obtain the best images possible. Each image is processed as a single image and not bulk processed. We work on quality not quantity.

How do we book with you?

Make contact through the contact us page. We like to meet first and discuss your wedding. Show you some past work. Then do a free no obligation photo shoot with us. Then make up your minds if we are the right photographers for you.

Will I own the rights to my images?

No, we will issue you with a licence to do as you wish with your images. You can make prints, albums, wall canvases etc. Post on social media. Make as many copies as you wish to give to family and friends. We retain the copyright to protect both you and us from your images being used on the internet without  permission.

I do not see many group shoots on your website do you take them?

Yes of course we do. We will give you advice about these at the time of meeting. After all it is your wedding and you can have the photography you want.

Are you insured?

Yes we have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance for both of us.

Do our images have watermarks?

No not at all. All of your images come watermark free. They are also full resolution.

How long after our wedding will we receive our images?

That will depend on the time of year. We always try to to deliver your images to you within a month from your wedding date. During the high season this could be as long as six weeks. Though if you require 20 or so images for social media or thank you cards we can email these to you within 24 hours.

What is your dress code at our wedding?

shirt, tie, smart trousers and shoes. I do ware a jacket but can find it restrictive at times whilst I am shooting so tend not to ware it too much. Veronika, wares a smart ladies trouser suit.

What are your terms?

A deposit of £200.00 is required at the time of booking. The balance must be paid in full one month before your wedding.

Are there any extra’s to pay other than the prices set out on your wedding page?

No, the price listed is the total cost. £695.00 for our digital USB package. Or £1095.00 for our digital USB and album package. (for mid priced album).

Do you offer any discounts?

No, we are sorry we do not offer discounts. Even if your wedding is in the winter or midweek in the season. This is due to we are always manage to fill our diary every year. At our very competitive price. We just cannot work for less.

I only need a photographer for a few hours on my wedding day can we book with you?

No sorry, we only shoot full weddings as laid out on our weddings page.